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M&S CONSULTING is one of the leading independent brokers and Family Offices entirely dedicated to private individuals and investors looking to purchase some real estate in France. Most of our clients are non French residents, therefore we developed a great expertise in cross border regulations. Our core business is to finance your purchase, however we’ve attached a lot of additional services over the years to finally propose a complete solution. Upon request, we also offer a comprehensive service for wealthy individuals and families that goes beyond financing a property to consider wealth management in its widest sense.

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As a non French resident we know that getting a mortgage can become a challenge. Thanks to our large number of clients, we’ve already experienced a wide number of different scenarios and cases, thus we can surely answer to most of your questions immediately.
Working with international family members
Being able to meet the needs of family members living and working in different jurisdictions internationally is a significant aspect of our family office services.
The ever-increasing pace of legislative change and more complex arrangements between countries mean families with multinational members need to be confident that they are complying with legislation.
No matter where you are in the world, some priorities remain unchanged.
These include meeting your family’s needs, ensuring effective communication, co-ordination and planning for the future.
M&S CONSULTING is highly experienced in advising a range of clients including :
  • Resident non-french domiciled individuals

  • Non-resident non-french domiciled individuals

  • Offshore trusts

  • International families

How we can
help you?

Family governance :
Establishing a governance structure, capturing individual rights and responsibilities in the form of a family constitution, which can act as a ‘road map’ for the future.

Residence and domicile advice : 
Structuring and planning your visits to France from a tax perspective to fit in with your commitments and lifestyle, and keeping the necessary records.
Family co-ordination :
Encouraging regular forums, family meetings and one-to-ones within an international context to assess financial performance, debate future activity, and provide a sense of unity and direction.
Investment management advice :
Creating bespoke investment strategies to help individual family members achieve their financial aims, not matter where they are based.

Our Services

Selecting Properties

You want to purchase a property in France but you don’t exactly know which one? We assist you throughout all the process, from selecting some properties with our partners to organize the visits and negotiate the price.


Like 88% of the buyers in France, you might need a mortgage. This is the core activity of our company. From a basic mortgage to a complex solution including a company or holding, we take care of everything.

Family Office / Conciergerie

You are now the happy owner of a French property and you need to refurbish a room, hire a gardener or you want to buy a private aircraft? We can help you, and if not, we’ll introduce you to a professional partner who can.

Tax Planning

We can also talk about tax efficiency; buying a property abroad also means new taxes to pay, from the local one to the French tax on wealth. This is definitely an important aspect to consider in every project.

Asset Management

We work with Private Banks in France, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and the UK to ensure that we can provide the best solution in accordance with your financial profile and issues, some might include cash investments.

Estate Planning

How to transmit your French property to your children? What do you or they have to pay? Is my property included in my worldwide assets? We also help our clients with multigenerational wealth transmission.

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