Our Services

Our Services

Selecting Properties

You want to purchase a property in France but you don’t exactly know which one? We assist you throughout all the process, from selecting some properties with our partners to organize the visits and negotiate the price.


Like 88% of the buyers in France, you might need a mortgage. This is the core activity of our company. From a basic mortgage to a complex solution including a company or holding, we take care of everything.

Family Office / Conciergerie

You are now the happy owner of a French property and you need to refurbish a room, hire a gardener or you want to buy a private aircraft? We can help you, and if not, we’ll introduce you to a professional partner who can.

Tax Planning

We can also talk about tax efficiency; buying a property abroad also means new taxes to pay, from the local one to the French tax on wealth. This is definitely an important aspect to consider in every project.

Asset Management

We work with Private Banks in France, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and the UK to ensure that we can provide the best solution in accordance with your financial profile and issues, some might include cash investments.

Estate Planning

How to transmit your French property to your children? What do you or they have to pay? Is my property included in my worldwide assets? We also help our clients with multigenerational wealth transmission.

M&S Consulting

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